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For more complex projects, contact us to discuss the different services available as part of the Multiplex Option. Following a discussion to determine your needs, we will provide you with a personalized, detailed quote.

Four main types of services offered:

G1 = Naming: creation of brand, service, product and domain names

G2 = Linguistic audit and presence on social media

G3 = Creation of upscale websites and Search Engine Optimization

G4 = Support, interpretation, intermediation

1. Naming: creation of brand, service, product and domain names

This is undoubtedly Glocalyze’s most innovative offer, which places us ahead of our competitors: we can create an unlimited number of naming products, in the language(s) of your choice!
Glocalyze makes use of a unique proprietary software, developed by a linguist and a computer scientist, the fruit of a thirty-year collaboration. This software has already created thousands of legally available names in virtually all industries: banking, the car industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Some of these names are familiar to a very wide audience, but for confidentiality reasons, we cannot divulge them here.

The software’s productivity is far greater than that of the human brain: where a creative mind can come up with a dozen or so potential names in a few days, the software generates hundreds, even thousands of names, in just a few clicks! The parameters of the software can be set to suit your instructions: ‘I want an Italian or a Spanish-sounding name, a descriptive domain name that is still available in .com’, etc.

Creating new brand names can be a real challenge. Nevertheless, the software has not been designed to replace the creative capacity of the professional (who always has the last word, and the ultimate choice is left to the customer), but rather to enrich and accelerate it. We have augmented reality, and now, we have augmented creativity!

Do you have to come up with a name for a brand, service, product or website? Try our ‘name generator’ pack, an essential step when attempting to expand into new markets.

Follow the steps below:

  • Initial contact with Glocalyze

  • Meeting to determine your requirements in terms of a name and the lines of research (the brief)

  • Exploration of potential names and submission of a list limited to 2,000 names (more, if necessary)

  • Drafting of a reduced list (300 max.) of names that are creatively different and potentially available to use

For example, you can  download this file of a reduced list of approximately 300 names generated by the software, based on the following parameters:

- LIFELOG (and related ideas to data stream or flow: STREAM, CAST, FEED, FLOOD, etc.) over the course of a life: LIFETIME – LIFESTYLE

and the following concepts:

- memory + time + life + diary (log) + traces (TRACK – TRAK – TREK) + trust (TRUST)

  • Selection of the best name(s) (10 max.) and final check to ensure their availability.


The price is established depending on your project: the number of names to create, the need to find names still legally available or free in .com, the difficulty level and deadlines.

Contact us for more information.

2. Linguistic audit and presence on social media

An SEO audit of a website allows you to examine the strengths and weaknesses of your Internet content based on the position of your pages in search engine results. The next step is to optimize your Internet visibility by correcting your weaknesses and refining your keywords. 

A linguistic audit follows a similar approach with regard to the languages used, in order to check the quality of a site that has already been localized. The five areas analysed are:

  • Lexical analysis #1 - Words

Coherence of the vocabulary and terminology used, analysis of co-occurrences and suitability of the terminology (does the terminology correlate with the terminology used in your activity area and/or in your company, etc.).

  • Semantic analysis #2 - Meaning

Potential incoherencies or mistranslations identified in the translated content; analysis of the content in terms of usage and specialisation.

  • Syntactic analysis #3 - Architecture

Grammatical construction, syntax and word order, linking words and phrases, text structure... ​

  • Stylistic analysis #4 - Style:

Tone, intention (5W2H Method), marketing or advertising strategies, slogans, formal analysis (spelling, typography, punctuation, diacritical marks, etc.).​

  • Pragmatic analysis #5 - Discourse

Overall coherence, text organization and hierarchy, markers (structural elements and interactive units), contextualisation (context and co-text).

Our audit report details ways to alter and improve a localized website, by removing inefficient sections and replacing them with optimized pages, etc.

* * *

Visibility on social media is a key element of your brand’s digital marketing strategy. An analysis of your presence on social media in a given language is a complementary and indispensable procedure that will allow you to increase the visibility and renown of your company (in other words, its reputation). This is particularly useful when it comes to crisis communication, when you need to transform the negatives into positives.
It is vital to be able to control the interaction and communication with your public in their language. The market is no place for slapdash communication campaigns. Once we understand your requirements and expectations, together we can examine the best course of action. Feel free to contact us.

3. Creation of upscale websites and Search Engine Optimization

Our network of over 300 consultants and service providers allows us to meet all of your needs, from the early stages of your project, right through to achieving your goals.
Let’s take the following example: a start-up plans to publish an e-commerce site in Chinese but doesn’t know where to start.
This is where we come in: we know the right people to contact to get things done.


* * *

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), remember there are over 1,250 million websites on the Internet today! 

Creating a website means nothing if no-one can find it: being present on the web without being visible is the same as being absent!
This is why it’s vital to think about search engine optimization and how to make your site visible in advance, prior to creating your website, regardless of the language or of the target market.
Contact us to discuss your needs!

4. Support, interpretation, intermediation

‘Glocalyzation’ goes a lot further than the mere translation of a text from language A to language B. It adapts the form and content of a text to the cultural, technical and linguistic reality of the target country.
Website localization, particularly in several languages (including regional variants of the same language), can quickly become a complex, indeed a very complex operation, especially if you have to coordinate your own content delivery network (or CDN) , via points of presence (PoP) over several continents. The goal here is to ensure a homogeneity or coherence in terms of content between the different linguistic versions of your site.
Customer support is one of our top priorities: before taking the challenging step of expanding into new markets, together we help you define the linguistic choices that will allow you to meet your goals.

With its highly personalized and relevant advice, Glocalyze is an invaluable support to clients for all of their projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

* * *

There are several different types of interpreting: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, whispered interpretation, etc. In today’s globalized economy, interpreting has become a highly useful and necessary tool. However, in addition to mastering the skill of interpreting, the interpreter should have a solid knowledge of the client’s business. This is fundamental to ensuring coherence and continuity, especially in situations where the presence of interpreters is required on a regular basis. Periodic interpreting needs are one thing, but a lasting business relationship requires the implementation of a durable collaboration. Make ‘Glocalyze’ your interpreting partner today!

* * *

A simple example is the best way to explain our intermediary role. Imagine you are responsible for the international development of your website with a major LSP (language service provider) like Lionbridge, TransPerfect, Welocalize, Moravia, etc. What is the best way to do business? What are the technical and financial stakes? What do the terms GILT, I18N, LSPs, MLVs, SLVs and ISVs mean? What is the difference between translation, localization and internationalization?

One easy solution is to hand all of this over to an intermediary capable of acting as the link between you and the service provider. Contact us today for more information. We’ve been experts in the field for the past 30 years!

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