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We write the content!

Basic offer

Either you provide us with the content and we adapt it directly (copywriting), or you tell us your ideas (brief), and we translate them into words in the language(s) of your choice.

Up to 2,500 words per language:  €690


SEO offer

We write the content and establish lists of keywords for each web page (up to 6 pages) with the aim of achieving better online visibility

Up to 2,500 words + 300 keywords per language: €790

Premium offer

We adapt the localized content and keywords to suit your desired online identity

Up to 2,500 words + 300 keywords per language + showcase website (created with,

website of one page in 5 or 6 sections, or a website with 5 or 6 pages) : €1290

With the addition of a shopping cart page:  €1390 is a perfect example of a showcase website.

For more complex websites, where the number of pages, words and keywords vary depending on the type of site selected (WordPress site, personalized interactive site, e-commerce site, etc.): contact us for a detailed quote (multiplex services).






For our customized services, it is possible to go above the word limit (these prices are for group 1 only and increase proportionally for group 2 and group 3):


Basic offer

Price up to 250 words per language:  €69


SEO offer

Price up to 250 words + 50 keywords per language: €79

Premium offer

Price up to 250 words + 50 keywords per language and/or per additional web page input to your site: €129

* * *

When it comes to last-minute extra localizations, our philosophy here at Glocalyze is that in this field, as for any of our services, urgency is the enemy of a job well done.

Most start-up projects are the fruit of careful consideration and are almost never launched in a hurry. It’s important to give yourself enough time. Therefore, in as much as possible, last-minute pressure and stresses are to be avoided!


For localizations of languages in group 1, without creating a showcase website, the normal delivery time is generally two weeks or 10 working days from the time when the parties agree with the brief. For localizations of languages from group 2 and group 3, we can establish a time frame together. Feel free to contact us.

In situations where last-minute work and pressure are unavoidable, please note that our prices go up based on the difficulty of the text and the feasibility of the desired deadline.

L1 = localization to/from the European languages in group 1
L2 = localization to/from the Indo-European and Arabic languages in group 2
L3 = localization to/from the Asian languages in group 3

For localization to/from other languages, contact us for more information.

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